Monday Morning Photo: A bucking horse has more spirit

My subject this week is “spirit.”  If you have been around my son, Rial, you know he has plenty of it.  The horse I am picking up on was named Spirit by our nephew Jaxson after the cartoon horse, and a bucking horse has more spirit than most horses, so I figured this would work.

~ Curt Pate


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Photo: A bucking horse has more spirit

  1. Pam

    Just a guess but the rider on the pick up horse looks like you, Curt. Are you part of this ole time pic? the ole time application truly gives this pic more depth and a sense of reality vs. a color pic would.

  2. gramgramof02

    Bobby says Happy Easter! And would like to know when you’re coming to Montana ? (Bobby aka Mom) ; )

  3. Kevin Devine

    Looks like you’re enjoying it a little more than Rial at that particular moment. Best to you both.

    Wilson was in here this morning and we were wondering when your next stop in Cali would be.

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