Services Offered


Stockmanship and stewardship presentations  $750/day plus travel

  • 1 hour presentation focusing on animal behavior, sustainability, consumer satisfaction, and BQA practices.
  • No PowerPoint.  Use of props, humor and lively speaking tailored to fit audience.

Live cattle handling  $750/day plus travel

  • 1 to 2 hour presentation using approximately 10 head of animals.  
  • Topics covered depending on facility are all aspects of stockmanship including gathering, grazing, sorting, processing, loading.
  • Treating and moving cattle in an effective manner.  On foot or horseback.

On site training  $750/day plus travel

  • Ranch, feed yard, or auction market training of employee’s to improve cattle handling skills and to improve safety.

Horsemanship and cattle handling  $750/day plus travel

  • One half to multi day sessions

Total Stockmanship    2 1/2 days of hands on learning $2000/plus travel exspense

Afternoon/evening discussion of fundamentals, goals, and philosophy of stockmanship.

Two days of hands on work customized to fit operation.  Topics can include

-Horsemanship for stockmanship

-Ranch roping -pasture, corral, branding

-all aspects of cattle work-pasture, corral, process, sorting, loading, settling and


-Sheep handling

-conducted on your place with your facilities




For more details and to schedule demonstrations, clinics, or on-site trainings with Curt Pate contact him via email (