Sunday Front Porch number 3, but not really

Well Mr technology did it again.  My chosen subject was quality of life for animals.

I took a picture of me on the front porch pushing the button to start recording and another to stop recording.


I found out I had to leave today rather than tomorrow to be able to visit my grandmother Alice at the rest home.  So before I left I went out on front porch and said my piece, and as soon as I said it I packed up and took off thinking I would publish it when I got somewhere to bed down for the night, which happens to be Pocatello, Idaho.

I guess it was on photo, not video.

So I’ll do the video when I find another porch or somewhere and time to do it.

I’ve just about had enough of this stuff.  Not sure I’m cut out for this techno stuff.

It was really smart stuff I said, just wish I could remember the smart stuff.

Have a good week.

Sunday front porch number 2

Here I go again rambling on and thinking i know everything. It’s a little longer than i wanted.

I don’t edit anything because I don’t know how yet and am just happy to get it on at all. I’ll work on it.

Here’s an extra bonus picture. Wife Tammy and grandson Haize at a bull bucking in Venita, Oklahoma this weekend.