Agape Boarding School

I’m not one to back down from what I believe in, and I believe in the people that I have been involved with involved with the livestock side of Agape.  

When I see a bunch of young boys that are scared and confused, and a bunch of young horses that are scared and confused, and four months later see the growth, confidence and skills that have developed in the boys and the horses, it is only possible because faith they place in the many prayers they get down on there knees and pray hundreds of times in the dirt of the barn and arena, and the outstanding guidance they receive from Riley Olson and crew.  

There has been controversy at the boarding school.  I don’t know everything that goes on there, but I know what I have seen, and it is:


Agape love is selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love. It is the highest of the four types of love in the Bible.

When you are in a situation that people and horses can be seriously injured, you must have control enough to keep things safe, but allow everyone involved learn to make decisions on a personal level to survive and improve.  

This situation creates great improvement in boys and horses, and the opportunity for the public to get the chance to buy some real good horses.

I saw this the first time I went there.  As I have watched the foundation bred horses get a good foundation to go on a be outstanding horses that I feel are the best value going today for plain good using horses.

Last year we needed some young horses at the 63 ranch where I was working.  We bought four and they were perfect and inexperienced riders were getting along with these young horses by the end of the summer.

I have two personal horses that I have been riding from agape and I really think they are special.

Wife Tammy and Daughter Mesa are having a sale of real good horses in Bozeman, Montana at the “Art of the Cowgirl “ the end of June, but they are a different kind of “finished” product than the Agape horses.

The Agape horses are young horses that you can take where you want them to go.  Even if you are not needing a horse, go to the sale to see what it’s all about.  It’s not about selling horses but changing young men’s future.

Last year Riley said if the horses brought one dollar they had served their purpose way before the sale and that would be okay.

We, Tammy and myself have benefited so much being involved with Agape.

I will never forget when Tammy was first diagnosed with cancer and we were really scared and confused, and we were at Agape and the the boys got down on their knees and prayed for Tammy and for the two days we were at the ranch they all treated her like a mother and really made her feel special, I believe that was a real turning point in her gaining confidence to live and not let it get her down.  I’ll never forget it!

I made a mistake and booked a clinic when the sale is this year so I am not going.  I am really going to miss it.

Look, nothing is perfect.  I’m sure there are things to improve on at the ranch and I’m sure they are doing it.

This has been very difficult for me to express what I wanted to say, but it has been a great experience every time I go there.  If you need a horse take a look.

If you need a little lift in life, take a look.

Best way to start my day

I like exploring the best pressure to move any kind of livestock, but moving horses is my favorite. It is good for grass management, and with bringing them in in the daytime and dry lotting it keeps them from getting over fat or foundering.

Having a herd of horses that handle when being driven sure doesn’t hurt anything and I can’t see any negatives in moving a bunch of horses from point a to point b.

We have a small place here, but I try to manage the cattle, horses and grass the best way I can, and I find that doing things very traditional is very good.

We had an console stereo when I was a kid. We didn’t have many records, but Marty Robbins “Gunfighter Ballads was one I listened to a lot, and 160 acres was one I really liked. This is the song I had in my head this morning riding out to get my horses.

Drift Graze

Getting animals to a feed source and having them in a state of mind to consume and utilize the feed source to the maximum is a very important part of the role of the stockman.  I feel we sometimes miss this simple mindset because of all the other things we have to do in modern livestock production.

We have become so intent on the things that we have to do to administer the things people can sell us to increase profit we forget or don’t even understand the value of simply getting livestock to be comfortable and have the desire to consume feed rather than worry about everything around them.

Hopefully these videos help you get to thinking on how to get animals placed and comfortable where you want them.