4 thoughts on “Na Vaqueros

  1. Brent Jones

    I quite enjoyed the song Curt, but is there any chance you could translate for me? I am willing to bet that song tells a really good story, I’m just not sure what it is.

  2. curtpate Post author

    When I don’t understand something or can’t see it, I just make it up how I want it to be. I sure make lots of stuff up.

    1. curtpate Post author

      I am not sure what I am, but I like handling livestock and talking about handling livestock.

      The music is meant to add enjoyment and understanding to the scoop loop comments.
      I get lots of satisfaction in trying to put a good song with the subject of the week.
      It has given me a real purpose to looking for music that fits the subject. I call it feel Good Friday music. Hopefully I am finding music that is not heard on the mainstream radio, but will get people to searching for music that gives the most reward just the same as good stockmanship will.

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