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Monday Morning Photo: A bucking horse has more spirit

My subject this week is “spirit.”  If you have been around my son, Rial, you know he has plenty of it.  The horse I am picking up on was named Spirit by our nephew Jaxson after the cartoon horse, and a bucking horse has more spirit than most horses, so I figured this would work.

~ Curt Pate


This is a old-timey looking photo of my son, Rial. I truly think he was born 150 years too late, but is adapting pretty well to modern times. Instead of the “Cowboy in the Continental Suit,” he is the cowboy in the fox hunting suit.  He is currently in Maryland, whipping in and riding horses on the hunt. Who’d of thought?

~ Curt Pate

rial old timey photo

Rial fox hunting in Maryland

One very unconventional cowboy!