Stockmanship Philosophies

img_0101Stockmanship is the knowledgeable and skillful handling of livestock in a safe, efficient, effective, and low stress manner with the intent of enhancing ranch profitability and improving animal welfare.

The Big Picture

Livestock are necessary in certain areas to sustain our environment.  It is our responsibility to manage these animals in the proper number and type of grazing to sustain and improve upon it.  To keep the proper numbers, we must harvest some of the animals.  This is also a good method to convert excess farm products into high quality protein, through feeding livestock.


If we are managing livestock for environmental sustainability it should be profitable to maintain long periods of time.  Proper placement of the animal as well as timing of grazing is very important for sustainability, as well as being able to manage livestock health and marketing.  This requires handling the animals.  Handling livestock is a skill, and skills are learned and improved upon.


Effective Stockmanship

Stockmanship must be effective for the goals of the livestock operation with a profit minded focus that is environmentally sustainable, improving both the quality of life for humans and animals, and is consumer friendly.


Curt Pate’s family have always been animal people, and he has spent the majority of his life involved with livestock production.  Approximately 25 years ago he began to make a formal study to continuously improve his grazing and livestock handling skills.  He accomplished this by seeking out the best information and experts on these topics to increase his knowledge and skills.


Curt Pate shares his ideas and knowledge with people that are interested with the goal of helping them to improve their skills in stockmanship and stewardship. This is done through various avenues including demonstrations, clinics, and on-site trainings. To learn more about the stockmanship services Curt Pate offers click HERE.