The Gift (Charlie Russell)

This is the way history has been passed along for thousands of years, in song.  The life of Ol’ Charlie Russell.  Ian Tyson has a way of writing some lines that only someone that is savvy on the deal would understand.  “The twisted wrist of the hullihan throw,” is one of those great lines.

I recommend reading Trails Plowed Under a book written by Charlie Russell and listening to Ian Tyson music while reading it.  You will be experiencing two of the best at bringing the cowboy to you in an authentic way.

~ Curt Pate

1 thought on “The Gift (Charlie Russell)

  1. Emily Grace

    We have a cowboy radio program down here called “Cowboy Jubilee” every Sunday night at 6pm. They play stuff like this. It’s nice to go some place else via music…and learn something!

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