I spent a couple classes last week at Colorado State University discussing animal welfare and animal handling.  The second session I demonstrated how different positions affected the way cattle responded and how if cattle are worked how they like it they will respond well and get real trusting (even in a snow storm). Thanks to Ruth Woiwide for the invitation, to the students for listening, and to Temple for always inspiring me to think and get better.

~ Curt Pate



2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Photo: CSU

  1. Carol Cabalka

    Hi Curt,
    Tayler and I were thinking about you and your visit to CSU:) We love CSU, the campus and staff. Tayler had such a great experience there! Thanks for posting these pictures…I was hoping you would:) Brings back memories… We wish we had been there to hear you teach!:) Happy Holidays and love to the whole family! Carol

  2. Ruth Woiwode

    Wonderful to see these pictures up! The entire class was thrilled to have you here, and we learned so much from you. What an inspiration to the group to have both you and Temple there the same day. Thank you for your tireless efforts to educate stockmen and students, and to keep thinking better, and the challenge for the rest of us to do the same!

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