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The Ballad of Ira Hayes

The Native Americans lived spirit.  This song tells the story of how you can take the spirit out of a very spirited human being.  The horse has been such a spirit-giving thing to the Indian culture. I think the horse is what is needed on the reservations to bring back the “life” to so many of those that have lost their spirit.

~ Curt Pate

Natural Forces

I saw Lyle Lovett perform this song on Imus in the Morning.  It’s amazing what you can see on a show hosted by a vegetarian that wears a cowboy hat and promotes grazing and rodeo but not eating beef.

This song seems as if it is about the life of a traveling clinician and even more so to show the story, in a artistic way, of Ray Hunt’s life as a horseman.  It is my new favorite song.

~ Curt Pate