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Equus Caballus

This song reminds me of what the horse has done, will do, and is willing to put up with from us. From the guy my grandfather told about that had power over their mind to a small child that gets exited when they see one to the old cowboy that has sat on one every day of their life, the horse is really a gift to us all.

~ Curt Pate

The Gift (Charlie Russell)

This is the way history has been passed along for thousands of years, in song.  The life of Ol’ Charlie Russell.  Ian Tyson has a way of writing some lines that only someone that is savvy on the deal would understand.  “The twisted wrist of the hullihan throw,” is one of those great lines.

I recommend reading Trails Plowed Under a book written by Charlie Russell and listening to Ian Tyson music while reading it.  You will be experiencing two of the best at bringing the cowboy to you in an authentic way.

~ Curt Pate

The Gather

This song is about a real important part of stockmanship. The gather is where you teach the cattle to handle, or not handle, if you approach it wrong.  As Wylie sings about, it is my favorite part of cowboying.  He even mentions a dog, so it is the perfect song for this week. Wylie is a good cowboy, great ambassador for Montana, and as I have always been a big fan of good yodeling, I feel he is one of the best yodeler’s I have heard.  He does not yodel in this song (it would probably spook the gather) so I hope you will listen to more.

~ Curt Pate

Barrel Racing Angel

I have always liked this song.  I first heard Ian Tyson’s version, but like Brenn Hills too.  I saw him at a Cattleman’s meeting in Colorado. He’s great and promotes the western way of life very well.  There are lots of different styles of barrel racer pictures, some better than others, but in the end they are all trying to be fast.

~ Curt Pate

This Cowboy’s Hat

We were having supper at the Ryegate Bar & Cafe last Saturday night and some of the folks at the bar played this song for me. Because I take my hat off when I am in a building makes people notice my manners which I think is strange.

What they did not realize is how big a hero Chris Ledoux is of mine. In high school I knew the words to every Chris Ledoux song and Bareback Jack was my theme song. I spent a year of college at Casper and Chris Ledoux was a legend around there. Dale Styles was the coach nd I think Chris Ledoux was on one of his National Championship teams for the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association.

My kids both were big fans of Chris Ledoux. My wife cried when we heard of his passing.

Of all the public figures I have looked up to, he is my biggest hero. I admired his try as a bareback rider, enjoyed his singing and songwriting, appreciated the image he sang for the western ranching lifestyle, was inspired by his dedication to family, and I liked the way he shaped and wore his hat.

If you are ever in Ryegate, Montana on a Friday or Saturday night stop at the bar on the corner and get a good burger. You will hear some good music on the jukebox from the folks sitting at the bar and if your real lucky they will play “This Old Hat” by Chris Ledoux.

Curt Pate