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Equus Caballus

This song reminds me of what the horse has done, will do, and is willing to put up with from us. From the guy my grandfather told about that had power over their mind to a small child that gets exited when they see one to the old cowboy that has sat on one every day of their life, the horse is really a gift to us all.

~ Curt Pate

The Gather

This song is about a real important part of stockmanship. The gather is where you teach the cattle to handle, or not handle, if you approach it wrong.  As Wylie sings about, it is my favorite part of cowboying.  He even mentions a dog, so it is the perfect song for this week. Wylie is a good cowboy, great ambassador for Montana, and as I have always been a big fan of good yodeling, I feel he is one of the best yodeler’s I have heard.  He does not yodel in this song (it would probably spook the gather) so I hope you will listen to more.

~ Curt Pate