Well designed Bud Box

This facility is for dipping cattle for ticks.  When we got there they were putting cattle in (to many) and pushing from the back. It wasn’t working very well.  They would get a couple in the run to the dip tank and then get them to go in and then get a couple more.  They really don’t like to go into the dip tank, especially if there is no flow.

We changed it up a little and put five or six at a time in.  It’s hard to get enough movement for the cattle to go to back of box and creat enough movement to get them  to create the lead/follow that makes the box so effective. 

The reason I like this what I call a  true Bud Box (except for the solid gate on the back side) is that it is the correct length for the lead up to the vat, and the 90 degree angle of the gate and entrance to the lead up.  This allows the animals to have more room to get strait and come through the pressure.  The angle gate creates to much pressure on the following animal so you must get farther back to keep the flow going and then they jam at the entrance to the lead up.  This is why the double alley is needed. It works but not near as good as the “true” Bud box, and before long the handler is using it like an old style “V” system.

I’m not saying the angle gate and double alley are wrong, they just need to be used differently than the true Bud box.

The Bud box if set up correctly and used correctly will create a better handler and better flow with cattle from the box to the chute.

I will try to get some video of working a double alley with a angle entrance and how I feel if works the best.