Pen work with fresh cattle

The workers I encountered in Mexico were very attentive and and open to ideas. The managers were all there watching and encouraging the crew to ask questions and observe and participate. The biggest challenge was my not knowing how to speak Spanish.

Zoetis hired an interpreter that was wired to my microphone and then he immediately repeated it in Spanish.  It worked very well to communicate, even at a distance.

This next set of videos was from a pen of cattle that had just come in from the grazing cells where they had been moved daily by horseback.  They were not used to people on foot, and we just happened to be at the pen waiting for three guys that were going to pull a pen on the other side of the feed alley.  

We watched the three guys that were checking the pen and I asked if I could go in and share some thoughts.  They really didn’t know what was going on but really tried to go along with what I was doing.

The Zebu breed of cattle are so fun to work and really respond to pressure with feel.

We talked about settling the pen, getting them to respond to pressure without panic movement, and pulling an animal having them decide to walk out rather than being forced out.

I enjoy working with the cattle and the people of old Mexico!

Thanks to Esteban with Zoetis for the nice videos!