Little change, big difference 

At one the the processing areas in Mexico we made some changes and had good results. The cattle work so good they can get by doing things completely backwards from the way it was designed. With the double alley and angle gate these cattle will go, just not near as good as if done correctly.

This is the way it was being worked when we started.

This set had no movement or fear so they just wouldn’t go.

So I asked him to bring from other direction and used it from the front and it worked much better, but he had to take the cattle farther so it seemed like more work, but it wasn’t working and it was actually more work.

Now, they had the back cut out of the bottom of the box to keep cattle from jumping out and it made a dead spot and I had to come way back to get them to turn around so I was a little out of position to get the single file flow I like but it worked, and it was the same several times.

Gracias Estaban para la películas buenas!

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