Hawaii day 6

Gathered “Manny’s” herd to wean calves tomorrow.  Nice big country and the cows moved pretty easy.  Worked well to have me horseback and the rest on 4 wheelers.  They are real good at turning away from the cattle, and going against the flow to create movement.

After we finished went back to breaking pens and rode some horses.  It was raining pretty good all day so it was nice to get inside.  I got a horse called “Munstah” from “Auntie DeeDee” to ride and he is a real big good looking horse.

Early start in the morning.  We need to be at pens by 6 am.  I want to ride Munstah in the pen so he doesn’t buck me off in front of crew so I will saddle him at about 4:30 so we aren’t late.   I think you will enjoy the video we get tomorrow on the weaning process here at Parker.

Really had a nice day working with a good crew, good cattle and some real nice horses.  I can’t wait to see how good tomorrow will be here in paradise.