Hawaii day 7

Well I am having a little challenge with getting things the way I want on this web-site.  Didn’t know where yesterday’s post went, and it just showed up.

Munstah didn’t buck me off. Cattle gathered, sorted, and loaded real nice and the crew worked as a real team. We did all that and had the 600 plus calves loaded and hauled to the weaning pens by 1:00 pm.

Klem Kaniho told me he has worked on the Ranch 28 years come this summer.  He is a real good hand that works very hard and takes a lot of pride in what he does.  I really admire him and the pride and skills he has.  He has weaned and branded a whole bunch of calves in all those years, and works with some very good stockman.  I didn’t really like being around him at first, but now I do and learn by watching him.   He even smiled a couple of times today.  I wonder what right I have in telling him how to do something?

All the guys are real good to Tammy and Me.  We have fun and try to do our work better.  I realize how difficult it is for them sometimes with my ideas, but they sure are doing some real good work.

When we finished loading we had a “Bento Box” lunch from Earls, thanked Manny who’s herd it was for the good work and effort, and the we went to settle the calves we just weaned.  They had lots of movement and it was difficult to get them checked up, but it was nice work in the rain and a good place to think about animal behavior.

Ill let you know how it went tomorrow.  We start processing first thing in the morning.

I enjoyed the day riding Munstah and working working with Wife Tammy.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to work on the Great Parker Ranch.

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