Hawaii day 5

Loaded horse and headed to “Dairy Fence” pens to move calves that were weaned last week to grass traps.  Kaawa and I let heifers out first.  They came out of pen right into the paddock and we drew them out and then used the hooking them on I had been working on in the settling I did, and then stopped their feet and they went right to grazing before they got to much movement going making it difficult to shut down.  They grazed their way out of the pen and we stayed in front and kept them checked up.  The only setback was one stepped in a empty mineral rub and it spooked em, but we took ahold of them and they settled down and grazed pretty quick.


I took these photos after about an hour and one half after we left them to move the steers.  The grass was pretty short but they kept their heads down and grazed and did not walk the fences.

Taking the steers out was a little more challenging.  We had to go out through the different pens, cross a road and take them up an alley to a little holding lot and then take them out to paddock.  The steers really responded to the right kind of pressure and there was no panic movement.  It all worked real nice and I got some real nice opportunities to share some thoughts with Kaawa on creating movement from the back of the cattle to go up alley without pushing fence down or having calves jumping out or over.  I then drifted them out of the trap and Kaawa took ahold of them and settled them on his real nice young horse.  Everyone, calves, horse and Kaawa were all better when we finished.

This was very rewarding.  To see how little stress these calves had through the whole process of weaning, processing, and then getting them on grass is what I have been dreaming about after the first time I saw how wild the calves were 2 years ago.

I am amazed at the change in the calves and the pride in stockmanship that Kaawa and all the Parker Ranch crew are displaying.

I headed down the mountain, took care of my horse and we went to Nancy Jones place and we all went to the Manna-Lani resort, had a great brunch and then much to Wife Tammy’s pleasure went to the beach.

Even though I didn’t get to church, it was a very spiritual Easter for me.  I feel working with animals with compassion and being in, and appreciating Natures glory is getting pretty close to Jesus, and sitting on the beach with nothing to do gives you an opportunity to think and reflect.

I am very thankful I got to spend the day with the living things I shared it with.





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  1. Tom Caesar

    Thank you for your efforts in taking the time to bring these stories of success about a better feel to offer our animals. I to enjoy revisiting Rays tapes because even though I have watched them a dozen times I can still pick up little tidbits of spot on information, it’s the little things he says that sometimes have the most meaning. It is true that this approach to horsemanship and stockmanship will change you in all aspects of our lives, it has changed mine. First time I read True Unity it went right over my head but as my journey continued I could read it again and things would start to fit, I had to get right on the inside first to make the changes. You made a colt starting DVD a few years back that I also enjoy revisiting, again it’s the little things like you mentioned the horse finding comfort in your presence and you never want to lose that, Joe Walter told me once if we could just learn to get out of the horses way he would give us everything he’s got, kinship with all life… really turned a corner for me. As the pieces of the pie start to fill in on my journey of information for a way to offer a better deal for my animals and even people I want to thank you for your efforts, I look forward to each post.

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