Hawaii day 4

Each day it gets better.  Today we went with the Van Tassell family and helped “Uncle Isaak” move steers to another pasture.

This video doesn’t exist

I got to ride a horse that I really liked from last time we were here.

The steers move real nice.  It was a big pasture and we got them gathered up at the bottom and trailed them up some pretty steep country and they just strung out and moved themselves.

We had complete control the whole way and there was never any panic movement like I saw before.  These cattle are very different from last year.  I really admire what they have done here.

Jason Van Tassell has one great family and we sure enjoyed the day with them.  Isaak is maybe the kindest man on the planet, and Cody that helped is right there with him. (Maybe not the best bronc riders on the planet).

I hope you will enjoy some pictures.  I took some video with my GoPro but I can’t figure out how to get them on my iPad.  I tried after we got home and got frustrated and gave up and went to the breaking pens and worked with a couple of horses.  That I can get to work.

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