Bad Brahma Bull

It’s been a bull riding week for me.  It started with loading bulls at D & H Cattle to go to a futurity, then on to a PRCA rodeo in Alvarado, TX to watch Pistol Robinson win the bull riding. I also got to watch Allen Spoon, Darrell Robinson, and Sandy Kirby buck some young bulls at Hillsboro, TX.  Pistol, Marcus, and Nick (bull riders) were around all week and were good entertainment.  Daughter Mesa had a bull bucking in North Carolina at the PBR, but he didn’t buck very good.   After church in Hubbard, TX we had a rodeo meeting and talked about bucking bulls.  Then we headed up to Oklahoma on Monday, ended up working bulls most of the day Tuesday and bucking bulls that night.  All that and I have heard enough bull stories for a lifetime, so I figured ya’ll (that’s a word I learned about this week from Kelsey Tucker) ought to have to listen to this bull riding story.  It’s a good one.

~ Curt Pate