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The Greatest Cowboy

This man is exactly who I was talking about this week.  You can feel the confidence and knowledge this man had, and the pride and pleasure he had for his life. He influenced and helped many.  I don’t think he was ever “a day late and a dollar short.”  I hope you enjoy the video and the music this week.  I was really inspired by it.

~ Curt Pate

Cow Pasture Pool

I think we should convert all golf courses back to grazing land.  Great grass, good water holes, even sand traps that would be like a buffalo wallow.  They would already have mineral boxes in place, back scratchers already set, lots of shade.  I think it would be the perfect way to make beef more sustainable and take quite a bit of stress out of some people’s lives.  All joking aside, I saw a golf course that went bankrupt once and there were cattle grazing on it. It was on the Big island of Hawaii.

~ Curt Pate


The Banks of the Colorado

You may think this music has nothing to do with working bulls.  Jimmie Dale Gilmore fascinates me at how he creates something incredible with his voice.  If he did not present it properly I think it would be terrible. It’s just his mind, voice, and guitar.  It is as pure as it gets.  When you are working with animals use the tools you have to make it work.  If Jimmie Dale Gilmore did not use feel, timing, and balance this music would not be as enigmatic (I had to look the definition of enigmatic up.). The same is true when working with bulls and all animals.

~ Curt Pate