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Question from Reader: Working with bulls vs. cows

Occasionally readers send questions my way. This one is in reference to the video of working with bulls posted on Monday.

Q: Would the techniques you teach apply to bulls as well a cows?  Can bulls be handled with an ATV or on foot or is that too dangerous?

A: The same principals work with bulls, but if you put excessive pressure on a bull for too long he will find a place to escape the pressure or challenge the pressure (get on the fight).

You can sure work with bulls and cows with a four wheeler or on foot. However, a four wheeler does not allow you to apply and release pressure at the correct amount and angle as easily as on foot.

The other thing with a four wheeler is if you have a problem, we have a tendency to go fast to fix it, and this increases the chance for an accident. The faster you go the harder it is to stop and turn and then the animal learns to escape the pressure.

It is best to use the machine when the pressure and angle are not as critical and be willing to step off and work on foot at the times you need to be more accurate with the pressure.

Remember when we interact with animals we are training them to be better or worse, so doing things properly is very important.

Thank you for a real important question.

~ Curt Pate