VIDEO: 80 bulls in from grazing cells

The bulls in this video had been pastured daily on alfalfa/grass in grazing cells for 4 hours each afternoon. In this instance, we had brought them out of the paddock with the dogs, came down the county road (in exercise mode) about 1/2 mile. The dogs were getting warm, and had done a real nice job bringing the bulls, so Rial and I moved them in to the feedlot horseback. The horse Rial was riding only had a few rides so it was real nice work for him. We had lots of fun working with these bulls. They were real snorty when we got them and by this time, we could touch most of them on the hip when horseback. At first we had some fighting, when moving them, but as they learned how to drive and take pressure it did not happen very often. If it did we could get them to stop by putting quite a bit of pressure on.

~ Curt Pate

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