Working dogs series-the drive and the gather

I always set it up to where I pen horses in the day and put them out at night and bring them to the corral or pens in the morning. It’s a very traditional and practical way to manage horses.

With some of the grazing management I do at times horses are in the same pasture with cattle.  It is double enjoyable to jingle horses and use dogs to gather cattle and follow.

For me I get to put a great ride on a horse I’m working on, check my horse and cow herd out,  work my dogs, and manage my grass, all before breakfast!

I share some thoughts on dogs learning to think and create the pressure needed.  I see two kinds of dog handling.  One the dog works on the handlers command and every move is controlled, the other the dog does the job that the handler presents with a lot of decisions on its own and the handler helps and supports the dog to do the job.  

I really admire how much handle some folks have on their dogs, they are almost remote control and it takes real discipline to do that.

I also really admire folks that create both a handling and a thinking dog.  That takes both discipline and feel.

Working dogs is something that can really add a lot of pleasure to life.  Your working with man’s best friend. 

Whatever style works for you go to it.   Hopefully my thoughts and videos will give you another point of view to consider. 

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