Horseback at 60 Below Zero

We are in a bit of a cold spell here in Golden Valley County, and most all of Montana.

It’s forecast to get 22 degrees below zero.  That’s pretty cold but if you are prepared and take care of things beforehand it’s not bad.

As long as livestock are in good condition and have a good hair coat, are out of the wind and have good feed and water they can take it.  I don’t understand how but they do.  We have it so good in this time with heated waterers, warm four wheel drive pickups and tractors, and lots of other modern conveniences.

I always have been able to take quite a bit of cold.  I don’t wear long underwear or coveralls and always wear a cowboy hat and if I need I have some ear warmers.  I always have a scarf and wear wool coats and vest and can get by.  

But until I heard this story, I didn’t know what tough was.

Wife Tammys Grandma Betty is 101 years old. I asked her tonight what was the coldest she remembered.  She told me this story and I just had to start her over and record it.  She didn’t know I was recording and it is just one more of the amazing stories that this amazing pioneer woman has shared with me. I hope you can hear it and enjoy it as much as I did.  

2 thoughts on “Horseback at 60 Below Zero

  1. Ann Captain

    Thank you Curt for sharing her story. She is obviously a very tough woman. I remember living in MT in 2012 after my husband passed away from cancer. It was so cold and I went to feed after work. My horses water heater broke and water was already froze deep. I had to break the ice with a maul to get the old heater out. After I put a new heater in, I had to get a hose to fill the 125 gallon tank. The hose kept freezing up before I could turn the water on. I had 3 hoses in the house crawl space. Each one froze before I could get it hooked up. Finally, the 3rd hose worked. My hands were frozen even with gloves. I held my hand under my horses mane to warn them. I was 55 and had arthritis. I was so relieved to finally get water to my horses. The neighbors buffalo got out and my dog tried to chase them. The older bulls chased my dog snd he ran back to me. I remember standing in that cold barn but afraid to take my dog back to the house. By this time it was dark. A cold and memorable night, but I’m not sure I could do what Tammy’s grandmother did. You are fortunate to have grandma with you for so long. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  2. Lorne Hindbo

    Thanks, so interesting hearing the stories of our history. I also had the privilege to hear some stories from my wife’s 101 year old gramma who grew up in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan. We are pretty spoiled for sure but cold is cold.
    I highly recommend Tammy gets you some longjohns for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to your crew

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