I have spent the last 5 days at agape boys ranch helping with the annual horse sale.  

Riley Olson and His crew-help the students start and progress colts raised on the ranch, and each year they have a public auction and the young men that are a part of the program show the horse and ride him through the sale.

I’ve been a part of it for several years, and it is a very special place for me because of all the wonderful positive things I’ve seen there.

The boys are not there on vacation.  Someone has given up on their behavior and sent them to Agape because of problems in decisions and behaviors in the boys life.

Ágapes purpose is to care for and try to change bad behavior and decisions into positive and good decisions.

If you look on the internet you can find many allegations and talk about abuse.  The state of Missouri is trying to shut them down.  We had protesters at the front gate the day of the sale.  There are government workers monitoring the place at all times now.

I’m here to tell you after lots of observation and lots of questions to the staff I can get with, and lots of strong questions to a guy I know is telling me the truth that has been here for over ten years, I have come to a conclusion on my decision if there is abuse going on at Agape boys ranch.

I BELIEVE THERE IS ABUSE AT AGAPE. The abuse is taking these boys away from people that have given their heart and sole to make them feel cared about and loved, and are willing to do what it takes to give a boy a chance when everyone else has ran out of options.  

In the sale preview Ron McDaniel interviews each of the boys. They talk about the horse they are riding and it’s wonderful how they feel about the horse and how it changed them. Then he asks them about what the program means to them. Each and everyone of them said their life was changed from bad to good because of the help they had received and God coming into their life in the program.  Some of them said they would be dead if it hadn’t been for getting out of the old life to the new found life.

It was an amazing life changing experience for those of us that were in the presence of this incredible opening up from the yang men.  I was five feet away from them when they said it, and was right there with them all day and can tell you it was spontaneous unplanned confession and I didn’t hear one negative thing from the boys.

I think well meaning people are making a huge mistake because they have not taken the effort to really see what is happening.  Because of their efforts they are actually the abusers.  That’s sad for them and the boys that are affected.

So for Riley and Kyla, Justin, Tim, Jordon, Scott and Robin, Eric and all the great people who believe in what they do for the boys, thank you for efforts and sorry for the abusers that don’t understand what you do.

I especially want to thank all the great horses that have come into these boys life.  They have truly helped with Gods work.

2 thoughts on “ABUSE AT AGAPE

  1. Ron McDaniel

    Well said pard. So many of these boys commented this program brought them closer to their family and improved that relationship. Having a place with Christian values to get young men out of environments and influences that lead to bad decisions is life changing for these boys. I hope friends, families, and communities will speak out in support of Agape and the much needed ministry they provide. God bless these men and women that do so much!

  2. Roy Kelm

    That is truly a shame. All because the ranch is actually helping young boys/ men. Those same people who are trying to shut down the program usually are the ones that want to incarcerate those boys and forget about them. They don’t want them to know about God, his saving Grace, and his Son Jesus. The same people who took prayer out of schools.

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