Still in Arkansas

I haven’t been home in quite a while, but I am really getting a lot of satisfaction out of my work here at The Tribe Cattle Company.

Except for our bucking bull cows (and you just leave them alone) I really haven’t calved a set of cows for a lot of years.  

We started out with some huge calves that had to be pulled and a breach that was dead.  No fun, but it has been smooth once we got by those.

Now I’m dealing with scours.  I lost one and it’s all on me.  I don’t take the blame for the dead ones in the cow, but once they have gotten up and sucked it’s all on me, and if one dies it’s my fault. 

It has always amazed me at how fast one will go down, but also how fast they can come back.  

It is just great work for the two year old colts we are riding.  We tag the registered cows calves and that got the colt ready for the more challenging job of doctoring scour calves.  Sorting pairs is always nice work for a young horse and sure good for the cows. The rides are just long enough and challenging enough for young horses.  I really love it!

I am headed to Fort Worth for the weekend for TSCRA convention then I am headed North to Montana for a little bit. Traveling with daughter Mesa and Grandson Haize.  That is something I’m looking forward too.

Here’s some video I have shot in the last few days.  Just showing off my dogs and offering some ideas on learning. 

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  1. johnniewanner

    Yeah more than being a cowboy then sitting on a horse and most people don’t realize that. Good post keep at it buddy 👍

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