1 thought on “Opinion and thoughts on calving time

  1. Mark Coats

    Hey Curt, I believe that weather is difficult to predict. We can make our predictions, but nature doesn’t always cooperate. I have also calved in every season and for calvability, I prefer early fall. The grass is done, you don’t have any broken udders and the calf can take care of what’s there. Plus the calves and cows aren’t soft. The heat is reducing and the stress that heat puts on calves is tremendous. Excessive heat is tuff as cold, if not worse. But where I operate now I have a lot of foothill abortion, it only effects spring calver. The abortion is the third trimester, for a spring calver, that is the fall. So I have two calving seasons spring and fall. As we try to graft a calf on to the cow that foothill abortion and get them bred ASAP. The added hay the fall calf requires is easily paid for by his marketability in the early fall of next year. I realize that he’s fitting more of that yearling type calve than a weaned calf, but the added pounds make him very marketable at that time. Calving times are a struggle, you have to think about breeding, can the bulls effectively breed at this time. I realize that ranches differ in terrain, qaulity, stocking rates. I know of a few ranches that breed to reach that warmer calving time, but the bulls are breeding in a range situation that spreads the cows out over a expansive country, making a good breeding season a challenge. Then loosing the investment of a mother to an open cow makes me think that one has to look at the whole picture rather than wether we move to a less challenging time. Convenience doesn’t always fit the Ranching scenario.

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