Best way to start my day

I like exploring the best pressure to move any kind of livestock, but moving horses is my favorite. It is good for grass management, and with bringing them in in the daytime and dry lotting it keeps them from getting over fat or foundering.

Having a herd of horses that handle when being driven sure doesn’t hurt anything and I can’t see any negatives in moving a bunch of horses from point a to point b.

We have a small place here, but I try to manage the cattle, horses and grass the best way I can, and I find that doing things very traditional is very good.

We had an console stereo when I was a kid. We didn’t have many records, but Marty Robbins “Gunfighter Ballads was one I listened to a lot, and 160 acres was one I really liked. This is the song I had in my head this morning riding out to get my horses.

2 thoughts on “Best way to start my day

  1. L Dei

    This is so fun, and informative. Please do it again. I love that you are using the camera to show us what you are doing. Thanks for taking us along to bring the horses up.

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