Drift Graze

Getting animals to a feed source and having them in a state of mind to consume and utilize the feed source to the maximum is a very important part of the role of the stockman.  I feel we sometimes miss this simple mindset because of all the other things we have to do in modern livestock production.

We have become so intent on the things that we have to do to administer the things people can sell us to increase profit we forget or don’t even understand the value of simply getting livestock to be comfortable and have the desire to consume feed rather than worry about everything around them.

Hopefully these videos help you get to thinking on how to get animals placed and comfortable where you want them.



1 thought on “Drift Graze

  1. Dana K Miller

    Fun to watch… and it is a good thing you kept me informed where and the “why” you were doing everything. I have no experience using a horse… and when we move cows.. I am the dog.
    thanks… fun to watch

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