A “little” gate work

I started the morning trying a real difficult move through my corrals with my dogs and it didn’t work very well. I couldn’t position myself where I needed and I was confusing the dogs and they didn’t work very well.

After I got em out of the corral with me in front and the dogs bringing them I switched and went to driving them.

I drove em to this corner where my dog kennels are and put em through a very small gate to graze the grass down. It made up for the trouble in the corral!

I sure get a lot of pleasure from working with these horses, dogs, cattle and now really managing my green growing grass with grazing and getting the mouth of the critter where is needs to be.

I always seem to get one calf that is a pet and I really get a kick out of this one. She comes and gets a little grain in the morning when I am saddling my horse. She is a good lead heifer and I sure like her.

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