Gopro non pro

The Art of the Cowgirl bought a GoPro to use for me and them.

I have been shooting some stuff while I am riding my young horses to see how it works and figure it out. I have a chest harness, hat harness and I hung it on a overhead gate for a couple videos.

I guess as long as I am figuring things out(it would be easy for any third grader but I have a hard time getting it) I will post them .

I’m not sure if they will do you any good, but it’s not to tough to click delete. It’s just daily horse stuff around here.

Riding Yogi-camera hanging on overhead
Hat cam
Chest cam
Chest cam

If you have ideas on better ways to use GoPro let me know.

3 thoughts on “Gopro non pro

  1. dennisranch

    I think you need to attach to a ball cap and focus more down.. this I have seen people use them on their chest…but must have had the focus or mounting a bit higher than you did. Check out Apache Cowboys on Youtube,, they get some pretty good footage..Ryan Sexon in Nebraska used one and got some pretty good ones.. he is on Facebook.

  2. Bill Dale

    You are never going to grow old, Curtis. Always learning. A great example for us all.

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