Wife Tammy moving 9 steers and one bear.

It’s been quite a year of watching Tammy overcome the challenges of cancer. She is living proof of never considering giving up, making courageous decisions, and keeping a positive attitude to be able to ride and work in the life she loves. That my friends is what being a cowgirl is all about, and it is “ The Art of the Cowgirl “

7 thoughts on “Wife Tammy moving 9 steers and one bear.

  1. Sherri Pate

    Cowgirl tough and the No Quit attitude…you definitely are the epitome of what it means to “Cowboy Up”…we love and miss you and couldn’t be more proud. Uncle Wilson and Sherri

  2. Debra Ladd

    CONGRATULATIONS!!Blessing for continued great health! 😇🌈I Love that you beat this Hateful Disease

  3. Roy Kelm

    Yes that’s right and I have one just like her. So thankful. These cowgirls are the example of True Grit !!

  4. LESLIE Rob

    Hi Curt and Tammy

    I was wondering how you folks were doing the other day and then you sent this, so thanks. Hoping and praying Tammy is doing better, you guys have a ton of strength between you. It is nice to see cattle moved right, does my heart good. And the bear as well, but not sure that I want to know how to move a bear, it could go all wrong. Thanks for the email and God Bless you and Tammy.

    It is a weird world right now and perhaps you can figure out how to get people to respond to move them in the right direction. Seems someone has figured out how to move them in the wrong direction. Take care and stay safe.

    Rob Leslie
    Product Manager/Account Manager FPA
    4250 N. Sylvania Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76137

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