Wet dogs

I have been putting together some steers for the 63 Ranch and bringing them here to Ryegate and working with the to get them eating, electric fence broke, learning to be driven and held up and of course dog broke.  It seems like everything around here is broke, except my horse.

The steers started crossing the Musselshell River the last couple of days and Tammy has been videoing.  Thought you might enjoy it and if you are a dog person I’m sure you’ll think my dogs aren’t broke either!







In the last video we couldn’t get up the bank out of the river so I sent the dogs.  They had to go quite a ways and get the cattle.  It’s hard to sit there and not know what is happening and I was just about to give Tammy my horse and go up to see what was going on and here they came.

It’s real and it’s nice work for the young dogs and for Taco who is semi retired ( only works when he feels like it) and the cattle are really starting to handle nice.

4 thoughts on “Wet dogs

  1. Mark Coats

    Hey Curt, nice. I like the use of dogs away and the non-eyeing and movement that the dogs maintain. They stay with the individual until the individual steer realizes that being alone is probably not the most comfortable place. That dog pressure is a real time training moment for the steer and that training moment will instill future responses to like pressure. Presenting the pressure and then the release when the steer reaches the calmness and safety of the herd group. I believe that action promotes the defensive posture of the herd group. I also realize it develops better and easier handling cattle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kevin J Devine

    Taco and I should be a team! I only work when I want to any more.
    Did you winter in Ryegate? What became of your dude string? You all seem healthy and thriving which does my heart good. Hope we get to do a road trip this summer and cross trails.


  3. Bill Dale

    You meant that in Montana there are jobs where they PAY YOU to do that stuff? I gotta make some changes…

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