Arizona Interesting

On a flight from Phoenix to Denver to have somewhat of an unexpected opportunity to go with Wife Tammy’s sister Taras boy Sam to a bareback Riding school in Laramie, Wyoming and I’m real exited about it.

The one disappointing thing is that I was invited to “ Throw Pialles” con mi amigo Hector at Corona Ranch, but had to leave before we could do it. Next time.

When we were doing Tammy’s Art of the Cowgirl earlier the “Corona” virus was just making the news and I remember Mr Announcer guy Gord Colliar making some jokes in reference to the name of the place and the virus. It was funny.

We just were visiting with the folks at Corona and they are struggling because of it. They have had lots of big groups cancel because of the Coronavirus and are really worried about it. Kind of ironic that the Corona Ranch is affected by the Coronavirus.

We were checking out places to have the event for next year. Corona ranch is my favorite and if you know how much I enjoy the Mexican culture you know my vote is there. The challenge is that the preliminary events have to be at least an hour away from Corona Ranch so it would be nice to get everything in one place.

We went down to Tucson and looked at Pima County Fairgrounds the went on down to Nogales to see our friend Dean Fish. He has the best and strongest pasture fence I have ever seen on the south side of the ranch. His neighbor to the East has about 1/4 as good of a fence trying to do the same job and that’s a little hard to understand, so I just had to jump the fence and get to the other side! I just had to.

When we were leaving we were on a little back road and all of a sudden a car roars around us just as we were turning and almost hit us then pulled right out thin traffic and almost caused a huge wreck. I was trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with the maniac and here comes about 6 border patrol Riggs in hot pursuit. I think he or she or they escaped em!

Just a few minutes ago I boarded my plane. All of a sudden all hell broke loose behind me. A guy was choking and in trouble. I got ahold of his backpack and a guy behind him went to preforming the hymlic on him and got him saved. He was about done when he got him clear and it made a big mess on the plane.

I was visiting with the guy that choked on the way to baggage claim and he thought he was going to die. He passed out before it came loose. He had never choked before. He said he felt like he had a cracked rib but felt like the guy saved his life.

It’s been very exiting and interesting. Arizona interesting!