Pate family at Art of the Cowgirl

The amazing Tammy Pate. She overcame cancer, produced Art of the Cowgirl, took on role as grandmother, and still looked good horseback and made a hand helping rope in the Pate family stockmanship demo and start colts with rial and me.

It was like old times on the clinic trail with the whole family working together. Mesa was a big part of the events success and her horse “Scotty” is wearing the high selling horse Bridle she received for selling the high selling horse. The Apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Tammy and Mesa.

Family, horses, ropes and cows. The only thing missing is our dogs.

Rial Pate doing what he does so good. That’s the new owner of the 63 Ranch watching and wondering if he hired the right generation of Pate.

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