The Train Ride

I’m glad I ran out of time on my last loop thrown.  It gave me time to reflect back a little more on the past twenty years.  

One day in Madison, Wisconsin at the Mid-West horse fair a fellow came up and visited me while I was eating lunch in the stands.  He told me he was getting on the Amtrak train in the morning and taking a few days to get to the west coast, I think it was Seattle, Washington.  When I asked him what for, he told me to get a hamburger.

I laughed and told him I’d buy him one right here, as I was eating one.  He said it wasn’t about the hamburger, but the journey.  

Well, I have been on one heck of a ride for the last twenty years and it’s been a great journey.  

All the great times working in Sweden, the horse fairs, the clinics, and miles of travel have been the greatest.  The people I have worked for/with have been the real deal, and a real bunch of characters.

From the movie stars and celebrities on the Horse Whisperer, my old friend Sven from Sweden, who really helped me transition from a hick cowboy to being able to get along anywhere.  Darrell Burnett that really saw value in what we were doing and got us paid for it, and then showed me how to spend it on good music, food and having a good time.  All the beef folks that I have worked with in the past few years making sure that fellow making the trip had a good burger.

The folks that have been the conductors on the train I’ve been riding have allowed me to see so many things, meet so many good people, and work with so many great animals.  

Wife Tammy was pretty emotional on our recent trip.  That’s understandable as she cries when someone wins on the “Wheel of Fortune”.  She has been a big part of the journey.  

I didn’t get emotional or really even think about it as I was to busy doing what I had to do.  I am just glad it all came together like it did, and I got to see who I got to see and do what I got to do, and I’m not talking about last week, but the whole ride.  I’m still not eating my hamburger, I’m just getting on another train.

I guess contentment from good memories and the endorphin release you get from those memories is emotion, so if you happened to be a part of my little train ride, thanks for the memories!

I am so glad that fellow interrupted my lunch and told me the train story.  I really think it was one of those moments in life that changed the way I looked at things and really added to my quality of life.  I hope sharing the story does the same for you.

The next loop I throw is going to be about our days in Texas and that may be a big loop!

4 thoughts on “The Train Ride

  1. pdfangus

    I have only seen you once at an event in West Virginia with Kit Pharaoh. But I have been reading your posts here ever since. I enjoy your style and your ability to communicate. Good luck with the new adventure and keep writing.

  2. Bill Dale

    Yes, my friend, it’s been quite the party. You either keep busy livin’, or get busy dyin’. I hope that you get the chance to chase a few buffalo up there, just because.

  3. George Kahrl

    Dear Curt, it has been good to read your posts and see your videos and photos. Your a man who inspires us with the knowledge therenis so
    Ethics g to learn everyday, from everyone, and helps us remember no one is a stranger. The people in the agricultural world are up held by you in your life and your writing. You have been, and are an inspiration. Your willingness to share, as well as be straight forward with your ideas is wonderful. And being straightforward does not come at the expense of being “right” and never self righteous. There are a hundred ways to run a ranch, ride a horse, turn a cow some work well some time, and many work well all the time. You’ve helped us remember patience is a practice and something Livestock appreciate, as do the people we ride and work with.

    Blessings for you, your family, Tammy, your grand child and any to come. Knowing you had helped me in my life.

    With Gratitude

    George Kahrl

  4. Debra

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈🎉🎂! 4-8 Hope your day is stupendous, as well as the entire year 🎩🤠

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