Old Shep

We have lots of dogs on our place right now.  We have one old Hangin Tree named Taco.  Tammy got two pups awhile back from Daughter Mesa.  Son Rial has 7 coyote chasing dogs, and Mesa came to visit from Oklahoma and brought 4 dogs along.  That  is 14 dogs

The amazing thing is they all get along, and they don’t chase our cats.

I forgot to put music on last week.  I was trimming one of my big horses feet this morning and the dogs were hanging around eating hoof trimmings.  I had the radio on KGHL and “Grass Roots Gold” was on and they played a Wilf Carter/Montana Slim song and it reminded me of “Old Shep” that was one of my favorite songs as a kid.

You might laugh at my choice of music, but listen to the words and you will get a lump in your throat if you are a dog lover.