Saturday -Mormon-Barbershop-traveling music

i was headed to Iowa last week and I needed to get to Austin, my barber before I left.

I really like Austin as he always has something fun to talk about, hot shaves my neck and it is still $10 dollars.  I don’t think he wants me to tip as I gave him a twenty and he gave me two fives.  If he gives me ones I slip him a couple. He might think I will give him a five, and I might if it was Christmas!

After I came out Wife Tammy was in the car and when I got in she was on the speaker phone with Corb Lund.  Linda Thurston had put her in touch with him to see if he would MC a big event she is putting together called “The Art Of The Cowgirl” .  (Google it)

He was very polite and very humble.  I had spent some time with him in Brandon, Manitoba and he remembered how long ago it was but didn’t remember my brilliant conversation.


Monday and Tuesday I am going to be working in Utah and I am pretty sure there might be some good folks of the Mormon Faith, so this song fits in every way, except for maybe some of the Mormon Principles, but who knows, it’s all how you interpret it.  I like the song and I like how Corb Lund sings about our Western way of life, so here it is