Be Honest With Yourself

I’ve been awake since 2:00 am and can’t sleep. Been thinking about honesty.
I recently had a situation that I made an agreement with a CEO of a company, and they backed out of the agreement. I found out that they had hired a good friend of mine to replace me, and while I know he will do a great job, and he knew nothing about my deal, the company did, and that’s not right.

I decided to leave it alone and not say anything to them.  Then I got an email from one of their marketers wanting to do some things but questioning some of the moral standards of some of the competitors of theirs that I had done some work with.  They now know how I feel about moral standards.

It’s got me to thinking about how to deal with right and wrong.

I remember when I was real young, we were at the Townsend Rodeo. Bill LaFromboise, a Native American guy I’ve mentioned before gave me some money to get us a hamburger and drinks. I decided to keep the change and tell him I didn’t get any. Well that didn’t work very good as he took me back to the concession stand, and they said they gave me change. My Mother didn’t put up with that and I got in lots of trouble and paid for it for a couple weeks of no TV and lots of extra chores. I learned a lesson in dishonesty and stealing.

I have put myself in situations in my life when I have not been honest with myself and others. Nothing good came out of it. Whatever I’ve gained was overcome by the results of not being honest.

I was in Nebraska last week at the Rex Ranch. Tom Drieling was telling me about a mechanic that worked on his car, and it had some problems, and he stood behind it 100%. Tom pointed out that he had to be honest because of the small amount of people in the Sand Hills community, that he would be out of business because every one would know if he didn’t do right.

This is a very important point. Honesty is so easy to fudge on trying to take the easy way out of something, or letting the desire for something overcome moral standards to get what you think you need or want.

I have worked with lots of different religious based groups. I always hear about if there is one, they will drink of steal, but if there are two they won’t. This might be true, or just that someone that is different in the way they dress, live or believe than we do makes us question their honesty.

But this really brings up a good point. We keep each other honest. If we don’t, our society will fall apart. The smaller the community the easier it is to get caught in a dishonest act. This is what is so great about the ranching community. It’s a small world that is very connected. If someone is dishonest on a cattle deal, word spreads like wildfire, and that person goes away. This is why we can still do business so much of the time on a handshake. Your hand shake is your contract to your word, and if your word is not good, pretty soon no one will shake your hand.

I feel this is one of the real advantages of a small church community. It keeps everyone looking each other in the eye, which helps folks pass on the temptations that are so abundant these days. We find comfort and support in like minded people.

I can’t remember being at anything of Bud Williams that he didn’t say “ you must be honest with yourself”. This is probably the most important thing he said, and he said a lot of important things.

Be honest with yourself. That’s quite a statement if you think about it, and it’s not much of a statement if you don’t take time to think about it.

If you take the time and put the effort into thinking about it and working on what you need to do, then you can be honest with yourself. If you have moral standards and are honest with yourself, then you can be honest with others.

Two of the biggest problems I see today are taking on to much debt and more to do than you have time for. These two things will cause you to not be honest with yourself and that will start the “when bad becomes normal” behavior.

I feel that one of the most important thing the leader of a country should do is set the moral tone of a country. As I think back to the presidents in my life and what they did for the moral standards of our country, it doesn’t matter so much the party they represented but the standards they set for us. Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush senior, George Bush junior, and Barrack Obama seemed to have good family lives, didn’t use vulgar language, and lived life in public that no matter what your political views you have, you could admire the example they set for the country. I can’t say that for the others that have been president in my lifetime.

The one that sticks out the most is President Reagan. He had a way of being president that even if people in power didn’t agree with him, they respected him because they new he was going to do what he promised, and he was not afraid to look anyone in the eye and tell them how it was. It was a great moral time for the country with Reagan raising the standards for the whole world. I wish we could get back to that.

President Trump might be getting a lot done and may be good for the economy, and might be achieving lots of on the world scene, but I really feel he is not being a good example for moral standards to our country, and that makes me concerned that honesty will be lessened to our moral standards level.

Now, back to what got me to not sleeping. I don’t know the reasons the company didn’t follow through with the deal we made. I do know I have never not kept my word to them. The only thing I have control over is my decision to allow it to happen again. I won’t.

So, be honest with yourself. Do business and associate with people that have the same or higher moral standards than you do. You can’t make people choose to be honest, but you can choose honest people.


4 thoughts on “Be Honest With Yourself

  1. Alden Kruschke

    Well said Curt. The Golden Rule needs to be taught and reinforced each and every day.

  2. Kevin J Devine

    Good one, Curt!

    Dishonesty also has a ripple effect…where folks quit trusting anybody because of a bad experience or two. My guide: Trust everyone until they give you a reason not to. I’ve been burned but I don’t get too sour, either. Like you, I just won’t deal with those folks again.

    Hope you all are pulling out of winter and doing well.

  3. Judy Henkel

    Good post, Curt. This hearkens back to my previous message about living your faith. I believe that the faith you live is not just about religion, but about your moral code, and doing the right thing because you believe in doing the right thing honestly, not because of external pressures like small community or network. It comes from within you, crafting how you choose to live your life. Honesty with yourself, your family, your animals, your friends, coworkers, community- living your faith.

  4. John Teagarden

    Curt, thanks for sharing. As always, your thoughts and logic is an inspiration. Hope you get back to Kansas for a clinic before I get old. lol. John T.

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