Whoop Up Trail-Because He Lives

Last Sunday I flew to Denver and then drove North to Wellington Colorado to do a little business. Leachman Cattle Company know how to put on a bull sale and give people what they want and need. People want knowledge and they had seminars on Sunday afternoon. They need good bulls, and they had plenty to choose from. They had a banquet Sunday evening that they fed 400 or so people, Lee Leachman spoke about why their bulls were what the folks needed, and why they were important to the future of the beef industry. I have heard him speak many times and from what I’ve seen he really gets it. I had a real nice dinner surrounded with the kind of folks I really like to be around, positive, progressive, winners that believe in what they do.

The entertainment was Wylie and the Wild West. I listen to lots of Wylie’s music so it was a big treat to see him live. I have always been a fan of yodeling. When we were back in the rodeo days and Buzz Copes green van, we were at the Maria’s county fair in Shelby, Montana and the “Idaho Yodeler” preformed in a concert and I bought a cassette of his. I was taking the night shift driving later on and was trying to yodel with the cassette while everyone was trying to sleep. That sort of ended my yodeling career because the next day my cassette tape disappeared never to be seen again.

I still love to listen to a good yodeler and Wylie is my favorite.


With it being Easter Sunday tomorrow, I hope this song will get you into the “Spirit” of what it is about, and take time to think it over a little.



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  1. Judy Henkel

    Thanks, Tammy and Curt. Always important to remember to live your faith every day, not just on religious holidays.

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