Texas Pride

I’m in Fort Worth, at the Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Convention this week.  I listened to Donnell Brown at the opening session and much of his talk was based on family pride. Great presentation.

Todd MacCartney offered to bring a horse in for me to ride.  I gladly accepted as they have real nice horses, and I asked to bring another horse and his son I call “Young Ben” to help. (he reminds me of one of the boys on John Wayne and the Cowboys so I had to give him a movie name)

Todd and wife Mary Ann have a great family and all the kids are just wonderful to be around.  It just happens that I’ve had the chance to work with Ben the most and I really enjoy seeing how Todd and Ben get along working together, and how proud Todd is of Bens skills.

Red Steagall sings Texas Ranching and cowboys.  He tells it as it should be told, so it the most fitting choice f

As I have watched my Friend Todd grow as a rancher and Father over the years, and when he speaks with such pride of Young Ben and all his children and wife, this seems to be a song written for Todd and all the other fathers that have watched their son dragging calves to the fire.