El Ultra Lado-The Other Side

The song “Who’s Going to build your wall” created quite a lot of talk.  I really like Tom Russell’s music and probably listen to he and Ian Tyson more than any other musicians.  Today we will look at things from the other side.

I am going to feature another of the musicians I really enjoy, and being I am headed to Texas this week it fits just right.

The first song is about crossing the border going south instead of north and for a different reason.

The next song is a look at the very thing of why we may need Mexican workers and the new big issue of legalizing marijuana.  It goes well with the thoughts I have been discussing.

Just to make things clear.  I am not a fan of marijuana as it has caused us lots of challenges in our family.


Darrel Burnett got me started listening to “Texas Music”.  He and Houston are friends and traveled together rodeoing back in the day.  He said Houston was a real good bareback rider.  I sure enjoy all his music, and I’ll finish with one that fits with my answer to ”DennisRanch” as to not get myself in a spot to let it “Worry Me”.

Hope you enjoy all Houston’s music as much as I have.