Ned Ledoux-The Hawk

I grew up listening to and singing Chris Ledoux’s songs.  My kids grew up listening and singing Chris Ledoux songs.  I would have to say of all the cowboys I look up to he probably is the number one.  He had gone to college in Casper several years before I did and they still talked about what a great cowboy and person he was.  I was inspired by how much try he had as a singer and bareback rider.

I went to a concert of his in Nebraska and they had a bucking machine come up on stage with him spurring the heck out of it and singing “Bareback Jack”.  I’m not much of a concert goer, but I sure enjoyed that one.  I remember he introduced his son Ned as one of the drummers in the band.

Well that was a long time ago.  I listen to Pandora and one of my favorite stations is Ian Tyson.  I heard a favorite Chris Ledoux song but it sounded different.  I looked at it and it was Ned Ledoux.  He is so good.

So now it is working the other way.  I have become a big admirer of Ned Ledoux so that family has been entertaining my family for over forty years.

I hope you enjoy it and will listen to some of both Father and Sons songs.


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