Lots of contemplation in the last few weeks.

Watched PBR finals and they showed Ty Murray on some bulls. Great rides, but the bulls we watch today are so much ranker than then is what I was thinking.

I then had breakfast with Temple, before we did the event for Cherokee Ranch and she had made the realization from a lab with cattle that the systems she designed 30 years ago was for a different temperament of cattle than we have today.


(We used a Sort of Bud Box system, and Temple never said one negative thing about it. I’ve heard lots of folks criticize her and the tubs she promotes in a very negative way. She won’t stoop to that negative type of presenting. She presents the facts as she sees them. I admire her for her honesty. If you don’t like what she presents, give her the facts, prove them to be correct and she will promote it. She is always trying to learn better ways.)

I hear the same with horses. They say the old time horses were much tougher to “break” than the ones we are starting today.

These are real important things to think about. We can change because of the changes we make. See things for what they are, not for what they have been.

Watching the young bull riders and how they have stepped up to ride these great, seemingly impossible to ride bulls is amazing to me. I really like watching the animal athletes and the human athletes.

I finished a book titled “ The Hacking of the American Mind” by Robert Lustig.

It is very science based and talks about contentment in life. It’s main idea is that often pleasure creates long term negatives in quality of life. Many times these pleasures become habits that really create problems. Sugar is a big part of the book. The pleasure you get from sugar leads to health problems, the same as smoking or drugs. The more pleasure you get, the more you want, and the worse the outcome.

I think we all have addictions. I think I have an animal addiction. I have really enjoyed working with animals all my life. I think this is a good habit and addiction. When you have a positive interaction with an animal is sends the same pleasure signals to the brain and body as a drug. The pleasure you get, or the addictive behavior actually creates more pleasure and a positive outcome through a more profitable animal or a relationship with the animal that creates higher quality of life. This causes you to want to get even better and that is a very positive addiction.

The same happens with being nice or creating positive relationships to help people. Creating art, building saddles, braiding rawhide and any kind of creating something are great addictions.

It is so easy in this modern age to get addictions that create small pleasure but big problems. THE SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE ARE THE GOOD THINGS! This is so important to understand. The more money, time and technology you have access to the more chance you have of going toward small pleasure and big problems.

I have spent a lot of time with Hispanic people and the Mexican culture the last couple of weeks. When I am with Mexicanos I get embarrassed by our American culture. We have so much, have to work so little, and really have it easy compared to most of the rest of the world, yet we are unhappy and complain about everything.

The Mexican people appreciate what they have, take care of their family and possessions, work hard jobs that might not be the best pay, but don’t complain and are always happy.  They are content.

Bill Dale, my friend and leader of Team California Beef Council and I went to Brawley, California for a NCBA Stockmanship and Stewardship event and worked with around 150 feedlot workers, that were mostly of Mexican decent. They were very friendly and seemed interested in what we were offering them.
We also learned great safety advice from Gordon Moore of Texas Cattle Feeders.


We went to supper that night and got to visit with Jesse Larios, who helped organize the event, and is a fellow Greeley Hat Works enthusiast. It made me appreciate the culture even more to get to hear his story and some of the history of the feedlots in the area.

Next I went to spend some time in Yuma with my Folks who winter there. It was great seeing all my Moms friends and how much fun they have living like young old people.

Then I went and played horseshoes with my Dad. Real fun and he is real good.
I recommend everyone at about fifty go spend a week in a retirement community. It will help prepare you for the future.

I have had a tooth that has been bothering me for about a year. My Dad said he had gone to a real good dentist in Mexico. I got the number and called and made an appointment for 8 AM the next morning. I then went back to my Moms place and she needed some new glasses but couldn’t go the next day. I called and the receptionist said to come today. We jumped in the car and headed to Mexico. We got there a little after noon, and I figured they would figure out what was wrong and then have me come back to fix it. After three hours I walked out with a sore mouth and all the work they could do done. I got in the chair, he looked at my mouth, figure out the problem, told me what he could do and how much it would cost for the work. I said let’s do it and he did it.

No nonsense. Just get it done effectively and efficiently for about 1/4 the cost of what I would have paid in Montana. I answered about seven questions before they went to work, when done the assistant took me to the pharmacy, got some antibiotics, paid the bill and was on my way.

Simple effective healthcare.

I went out to “The Ranch” as my Compo(a little Spanish lingo) Armondo calls it.
The Mendoza family are so welcoming to us.

They practice roping and horsemanship in the Mexican tradition and are creating some great young “Charros”. They are building a Lienzo (Mexican rodeo arena) at the place and are calling it the “Antonio Lepe Mendoza” arena to honor their father.

They are hard working people that put all they have into family and culture and I am so fortunate to be able to have them let me learn from them on how to be humble and proud in the Charro tradition.

So back to the book. Pleasure that creates contentment or a lifestyle that creates contentment. This is what creates the good life.

This is so important for us to create for ourselves, those that we are involved with, and the animals in our care.  Learn to create it.

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