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After I watched the the new Ray Hunt videos I spoke about in a earlier thrown loop, it got me to wanting to explore connecting with animals more. I had read a book before that Tom Dorrance recommended called “Kinship With All Life”. I decided to read it again and looked for it on my iPad. I found a follow up book titled “Adventures in Kinship With All Life” by J. Allen Boone.

I read it and really enjoyed it. It has got me to working on connecting with animals and people better. I have really been working on it.

I saw quite a change in my animals at home. I worked with our horses to get them better to catch. I didn’t want them to force them to hook on and be caught, but get them to decide to be caught because it felt good to them to be caught. There is a big difference there.

I have been in Amarillo this week working for Texas Cattle Feeders doing some cattle handling/BQA workshops. I got a lot of chances to work with different pens of cattle and I really feel like I got along much better than ever before at relaxing the cattle when I went in the pen, could move and place a single animal just how and where I wanted, and pulled the cattle out of the pen without fear and force but made it there idea. I have a real satisfied feeling with the way I got along with the nice horses I partnered with and the cattle I worked with.

The people that were in attendance were told to be there by their boss. They are a tough lot that deal with very difficult work conditions with lots of rules. They were real interesting to present to. I really tried to use some ideas I learned from the book to connect with them and hopefully give them some ideas to get them better at their job and improve the quality of their life because of the work they are doing. I really hope I did.

Joel Ham was also presenting, and we spent a lot of time discussing stockmanship  in our free time. He is a real thinker and has studied the principals of Bud Williams and Ray Hunt for many years.

I love a good chicken fried steak. Green Chilly Willy’s is a great place to have one. It is kind of a hole in the wall type restaurant just south of Amarillo. We went there two nights in a row, and it was so good, and I think the waitress we had must have read kinship with all life, because she connected with everyone in there and made people feel so good. That’s what I like so much about Texas, it is Kinship.


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  1. Ann Captain

    Hi Curt

    I’ve decided to order the book in hopes of understanding my mare better. When I purchased her, the owner who had her since she was 2 said her only hole was that she’s hard to catch. It’s a big problem for me when she’s out on pasture. Even when I’m finally able to get her she sets back like she’s expecting something bad to happen. She was born on the 6666 ranch in Texas and they branded her in 4 spots, one being on the cheek. I can’t help but think that experience is part of her trust issues. I’ve had her for 2 years and always been fair with her. The previous owner who trained her is a top reiner In Colorado who is also an AQHA coach. His hired hands weren’t always very patient in trying to catch her he said. At any rate, I’m hoping to get some fresh ideas from the book. I really enjoy your posts and have shared them with even non-horse people sometimes. Everyone can benefit from some of your stories.

    Thanks, Ann

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