Cattlemans Battleground

Cattleman’s Battleground

Dear Cattlemen, we hear your battle cry
Many are fighting, some are loosing. Ranchers in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado have lost their cattle and a in some cases their lives. Ranchers are living on a Battleground; not only are calving and branding season upon us, but the fight for ranchers’ lively hod is still to be fought. Many of our amazing customers have been effected directly with the recent fires, Greeley Hat Works is happy to help give back.

Trent Johnson

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Todd McCartney is a rancher, cowboy and family man. He manages the family’s ranching operation alongside his wife, Marianne, and their 5 hard-working kids.
The McCartney Ranch located in the rugged range land near Throckmorton, Texas. Their exceptional cow herd is Red Angus based and utilizes industry leading bulls from the historic R.A. Brown Ranch where Marianne was raised. In addition, the McCartneys’ ranch horse breeding and training program keeps them all very well mounted.
Hats to the rescue
Greeley Hat Works will serve as a drop off/contribution point for cash donations. We will be coordinating with our partners, The Colorado Cattleman’s Association, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers and the Kansas Livestock Association to ensure 100% of the donations reach those in need. Those interested in aiding in relief efforts, please contact Greeley Hat Works: 888-367-2428