Horsemanship for Stockmanship

Very seldom do I get to do a demo on my own horse. Three in the last two years to be exact.
I enjoy getting on other peoples horses and fitting the situation to get the work done. But when I use my own horse, it tells the real story of my horsemanship abilitys.

I did a demo in Big Timber Montana, for the Crazy Mountain Stockgrowers and got to ride my horse “Odie”. I really enjoy riding him and think he is just right for how I want my horse to operate under me.

This is a video from the demo. If you are interested in the horsemanship side of Stockmanship, you may enjoy watching how our horses work and how the cattle work but stay calm and learn to work better with each experience.

This is not a cutting horse style of working, but being able to put your horse where you need him to create proper pressure.

I tell folks the best way to learn is by watching a video of yourself working. After watching this, I am real happy with my horse. He was always in balance to move whatever foot he needed to move, waited for as long as I needed him to wait, and moved immediately at the velocity I asked for. He never swished his tail once. Tammy’s horse was the same.

Hope you enjoy the video and the great music. Watch as much as you can stand and analyze without me telling anything.

On Friday I’m going to share some thought on horsemanship for stockmanship, and why I ride the way I ride and what I think makes Odie such a good horse for effective stockmanship.



5 thoughts on “Horsemanship for Stockmanship

  1. kenmoore kenmoore

    Hi Curt ;  Just finished watching your video .  It looked to me , you were just along for the ride . Your horse , GREAT animal did most of the work without much input from you .  Really enjoy your work keep it up .  Ken

  2. curtpate Post author

    Oldie is real special, as are all horses. What I try to do is not make them responsive, but not take the responsive out. I know you will work hard at that because you have the desire and ability to.

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