Lessons From Yuma

I spent New Years in Yuma Arizona visiting. My Mother lives in one park and my Father and Step-mother live in another, so I got to meet lots of retired folks. I would recommend going and spending some time with retired folks. As a matter of fact I think it would be a good idea for all adult ages to observe and understand the needs of life about 15 years in the future. It would be a good way to prepare for life ahead of time.

I joke about these folks working all their life to be successful at the chosen job or profession, and when it’s all done they figure out that being trailer park trash is what makes you enjoy life the most.

I am not sure what the appeal is, but it seems that friends that you can share with daily, and comfortable climate, and no icy roads.

Happy hour is a big deal. Chairs and your favorite beverage is the thing that happens everyday.
As you listen, there is a lot of laughter, lots of talking, a little music. Inexpensive entertainment that really is enjoyed.

The two main things my visit taught me that really are important are health and finances.

Everyone is in all different states of health, and you can see those that have a healthy body and mind and kept them healthy(maybe through luck, maybe through skill) have the best quality of life. Fit active people have no limits on activities, and can participate in things that keep them healthy. It’s like compound interest, the more you can do, the more you can do.

I also see that money does not make you happy, but living within your means does. Everyone is created equal in the retirement park. Time has no prejudice. You can have a huge new motor home or an old small van and before long everyone knows if you are living within your means. Many are content with the lifestyle they live and have everything they need. Others are under the stress of not having enough money to live on. You can just tell the ones that have peace of mind, and they just are real at peace with life, and can really enjoy it.

So my lessons to share are:

1)Take care of your health and enjoy your physical abilities while you have them.
Smoking and dietary habits are two things I see that really effect you as you age.

2)learn to live within your means.
Get in the habit of saving money for the future. You will enjoy the habit, and I never heard one person complains about having to much money while I was there.

3) if your happy and you live a good life when you are young, when you get old it will be a hard
habit to break.

I don’t think happy should be the goal. Happy is just one part of a quality life. ” Content ”
Is the combination of the things that creat a high quality of life.

It’s the same with humans as with animals. Contentment creates a good life. We humans are responsible for our quality of life, as well as the animals we are in control of.

Think and plan ahead. The thing I say more when working livestock than any other thing is “your late”. If your late riding a horse or working a cow it’s pretty easy to fix and start over. In life, the older you get, the more important it is not to be late.