Here we go again

Well here we go again. It’s been three years since I have done a regular writing on this site.

I’m not sure what I am going to do, but I am going to do more. I am going to write some and I’m going to try to put more video up. Tammy has filmed lots of work and we will share some of that, and I purchased a go pro and I will do some with that.

Hopefully I am going to expose you to some things to think about and decide if they work for you, or if you agree or disagree. I really like animals, and I really like people, and I really like the environment, so it’s natural that I like to share thoughts on the things I like. That’s a lot of likes.

The thing I wonder about is what gives me the right to do this, and what makes me qualified?

When I go do a demonstration, the thing that makes me qualified is that the person in charge of doing it thinks I have the skills to present livestock handling. If someone decided to come and watch, they have the decision to make if I am qualified enough to stay and watch. ( there’s been plenty that haven’t). The real nice thing that shows some degree of qualification is if you go back and do it again, or someone wants to see more.

There are lots of critics out there. I used to be quite critical of folks methods myself. After studying on it for several years I realized I was wrong. They had different goals than I did, or a different agenda, so naturally we do things different. So what I try to do is give my opinion in a way that gets my goals across, but in as positive way I can figure out.

People take things way to personal. If you like to one rein stop and bend your horse a whole bunch, have at it. I’m not going to, and if you ride my horse, your not going to either. If your horse is handier than mine, and lives longer and is healthier thats great. I’m pretty happy with my horsemanship, but I would sure like it to be better.

With the cattlehandling, same deal. I am real confident that I can go work snorty bucking bulls,
Settle wild weaned calves in Hawaii, get better flow in a dairy, and pull a sick animal out of a pen in a Feedyard. I feel like I can fit in with any crew and not embarrass myself.

I’ve worked with and learned from some great stockman. I have been so fortunate that my whole life has been in the company of livestock and livestock people.

You can call all this stuff what you want. Low stress cattle handling, natural horsemanship, whatever. Those are just words. I will let those that want to talk and write about what others do have their say. Myself I’m going to step right into the pen and try to “make a hand”. I hope these writings and videos will help you as well.

12 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Becky Taylor

    Great commentary that demonstrates a most positive attitude focused on learning and professional development. Glad to see you blogging & sharing videos – I look forward to seeing them.

  2. Bill Dale

    I’ve been missing your philosophies, teachings and Friday musical offerings. I feel like I’ve just had my favorite pair of boots resoled and I’m looking forward to wearing them out. Welcome back…

  3. Linda Johnson

    I am always encouraged by reading what you write. I appreciate your understanding of goals and that everyone has different goals. I know there has been times in my life when I have had different goals all while working with the same horse. I personally have had the same horse for 20 years. He isn’t anything amazing or special however to me he is very special because he has taught me so much. Without this horse I may have never met you and Tammy or the many other incredible horseman that I learn from. I will keep him until he dies of old age and in the meantime I will continue to work with every horse I have an opportunity to work with. That old paint gelding can tell those other horses what a mess I am but thanks to you and all the other great horseman those other horses will never go through what I put that horse through. I am not doing much with animals right now other than my own small Herd but I am so encouraged to see you back online and would love to see you and your family again sometime and keep learning what you have to share.

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