4 thoughts on “How to position yourself when handling cattle

  1. Todd McCartney

    Yesssss! Glad to see you are sending cools stuff out again.

    And your stunt doubles look just like you. Nice work.

    Todd McCartney

    McCartney Ranch Company

    Throckmorton, Texas

    Cell: 817-771-6013

    1. curtpate Post author

      Thank you, I’m going to do a little more this year on website. Hope to get some footage onMcCartney Ranch.

      /c Curt Pate curtpatestockmanship.com

      “It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts”


      1. Jeff Schoen

        Curt, I too am glad you are back at it…you do a great job of keeping me and my twin boys focused on improving our stockmanship. Also enjoy the added “cool cowboy stuff”… keep up the good work!

        Jeff Schoen – Two Arrows Ranch
        Springfield, MO

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